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Laura O'Hare

Senior Nurse @ Northern Ireland Blood Transfusion Service

Employee Image - lauraOHare

Laura is a Senior Nurse / Unit leader in the blood transfusion service, her job involves collecting blood donations from volunteers.

Hi Laura, Can you tell us how about your job and what you do from day to day

My job involves collecting blood from volunteer donors. These fabulous people give up their time and their blood to help people who need transfused in our hospitals. Blood donation sessions take place in different venues and each session is nurse led. I am involved in checking that the donor is eligible to donate and looking after my team as they care for the donor pre and post donation.

What experience/education is required in order to preform this role?

As a qualified nurse, experience that is beneficial to this role is venepuncture and good organisational and communication skills.

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

We travel throughout Northern Ireland to the halls, businesses and other venues our donors attend. No two days are ever the same. One of the biggest challenges is disappointing a donor by not being able to accept a donation on that occasion.

What advice would you give to others looking for a job in your field?

Nursing in the transfusion service is a very worthwhile career. We help provide an essential regional service.

For anyone wanting to know more about nursing in the transfusion service they should consider making contact with patricia.mackey@nibts.hscni.net or speak with any of the nurses on any of the sessions that can be found on the “where to donate page” of our website.

What do you like best about your role and working in HSC?

Personally I love the flexibility of the hours I work. With no night duty or weekends I have a great work life balance. The team I work with make my job enjoyable, they are amazing individuals. I also like that no two days are the same, I enjoy travelling to all parts of the country, to lots of different venues meeting really nice and interesting donors who selflessly give up their time to help people they don’t even know.