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Lindsay Taylor

Human Resources Manager @ Northern Health & Social Care Trust

Employee Image - LindsayTaylor

Lindsay is a Human Resources Manager for the Northern Health & Social Care Trust. Her job includes reporting on workforce information and maintenance of the Trust organisational management structure on HRPTS.

Hi Lindsay, Can you tell us how about your job and what you do from day to day

My day varies greatly as I have responsibility for two areas. Workforce information prepares corporate reports for example absence or staffing. This involves extracting vast amounts of data from the HRPTS (human resources pay and travel system) computer system and analysing it within Microsoft Excel to produce meaningful information. As part of this role I also provide answers to assembly questions and freedom of information requests. You never know what you will be asked so a good knowledge of the organisation is a must!

For the other part of my role I have responsibility for building the Northern Trust organisational structure on the HRPTS computer system and managing access to the system. This system must be maintained daily as all approvals and authorities are managed here. For example, if a staff member requests training, it should flow through the system to the correct manager for approval. If not, then that is a discussion that the manager needs to have with me or my organisational management team. I also facilitate validation meetings where I meet with managers to ensure that their organisational structure is correct and that they understand the importance of it.

As HRPTS is a relatively new computer system, I could be out delivering training in an HRPTS clinic or developing user guides that will support staff use the system effectively and efficiently.

HRPTS always requires upgrades or there are new developments - I would be involved in the testing or installation of these with support from my regional colleagues. My team also deals with system faults whereby we have to work with the supplier to get these fixed on an ongoing basis.

Another important part of my job is to communicate regularly with my regional colleagues so we can share knowledge and continually improve and develop HRPTS.

What experience/education is required in order to preform this role?

A University Degree or Professional Qualification (either must be Human Resources/Business Management/Administration related) plus 2 years’ first level management experience in a Human Resources Department which must include supervision of staff or 4 years’ first level management experience in a Human Resources Department which must include supervision of staff.

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

Meeting all my deadlines! I have daily, weekly, monthly and adhoc deadlines! This requires a lot of planning and requires excellent delegation and organisational skills. It is a fast changing environment with constant demands but I have great staff that help make this easier and a very supportive manager!

What advice would you give to others looking for a job in your field?

You need an excellent knowledge of computer systems and advanced skills in Microsoft Excel as you extract large amounts of data for analysis. It would also help if you relish a challenge! People look to you for solutions so be prepared!

What do you like best about your role and working in HSC?

I like making a difference! HRPTS is a new way of working and that scares people. Change is refreshing and I like to think that I am here to support staff embrace these changes. My job is always evolving and no two days are the same and I welcome that challenge! There is always a solution to every problem and I like to find it!