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Lynne Robinson

Neonatal Nurse @ Southern Health & Social Care Trust

Employee Image - Lynne Robinson

Lynne is a Neonatal Nurse working in Craigavon Area Hospital’s Neonatal Unit

Hi Lynne, Can you tell us how about your job and what you do from day to day

I am a paediatric staff nurse working in the neonatal unit. I look after new born, sick and premature infants. Some babies stay in the neonatal unit for a few days, others stay for a few weeks and some for a few months. We provide holistic care for sick babies and their parents on a stressful journey through their stay in neonatal and in preparation for discharge.

What experience/education is required in order to perform this role?

In the neonatal unit there are adult, children’s nurses and midwives working in the unit. As health care professionals we have the opportunity to complete a specialist neonatal course and other courses applicable to our roles.

What is the biggest challenge in your role?

The biggest challenge in my role as a nurse in the neonatal unit is trying to maintain a positive outlook for parents on what is an extremely stressful and emotional journey for them.

What advice would you give to others looking for a job in your field?

Anyone looking a job in this speciality should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the advances in technology and the impact that it has on clinical care. They should have a strong personal commitment to keep up to date on a lifelong journey of learning.

What do you like best about your role and working in HSC?

The best thing about working in neonatal is working in a team with strong leadership, enthusiastic team workers in a supportive environment which is critical to job satisfaction. This area maximises opportunities for both personal and professional development. Being involved in the journey with families gives great job satisfaction.