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Making an Application to the HSC

We are delighted you are considering a career in the Health & Social Care (HSC) service for Northern Ireland. This overview provides you with the outline process and timeline you can expect when applying for a post.

What’s the Process & How Long will it take?

Stage Timeline

Submit your application online

Complete and submit your application by the stated closing date and time. Late applications will not be accepted. Be sure to answer ALL the questions as these will be used to consider your application at shortlisting. If all the information is not available within your Application the panel will be unable to consider it and you will not be shortlisted.

Posts are normally open for 2 weeks although this may vary


Shortlisting is normally conducted 1-2 weeks following the closing date. When the shortlisting is completed you will be advised of the outcome. All correspondence will normally be by email and / or text message. Check regularly including your ‘Junk Mail’.

Normally 1-2 weeks after closing date

Selection & Assessment

All shortlisted applicants will be invited to the selection assessment process. In some instances you may be required to phone for an appointment so please be sure to review your email, text messages and voicemails on a regular basis. You will be advised in advance the nature of the assessment process. Check your emails regularly including your ‘Junk Mail’.

Assessment is normally within 3-4 weeks of the closing date


When the selection process is completed you will be advised of the outcome.

Normally within 1 week of the assessment process

Pre-employment checks

The successful applicant will be required to satisfactorily complete a number of pre-employment checks. Details will be contained in the offer letter.

We aim to complete pre-employment checks within 4 weeks

Start date

Once all the pre-employment checks have been completed satisfactorily you will be asked to agree a start date with your new line manager.

Following checks

Waiting lists

Sometimes Waiting lists for future posts in the same organisation, and for similar posts at the same banding are created. You will be advised if you have been placed on the waiting list. You must ensure that the contact details on your profile page are maintained accurately to facilitate any future contact. Please be sure to review your email, text messages and voicemails on a regular basis. Please see our page on waiting list for more information.