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Personal Development

The HSC offers a strong continuous professional development ethos through Annual Personal Development Reviews and Personal Develop Planning.

Learning and Developing - Building capacity and empowering people through appropriate development and support and sustaining a learning culture.

Each HSC Trusts also draws on the evidence requirements of this quality standard as a best practice model to support an ethos of continuous improvement and to ensure a cycle of ‘plan, do, review’ to improve our performance through people development.


Develop strategies to improve the performance of the organisation through its people.


Takes effective action to improve the performance of the organisation through its people


Demonstrates the impact of its investment in people on the performance of the organisation

You can expect to receive education and learning and development which will equip you for your role and develop you in your career in Health & Social Care. Each Trust is committed to providing appropriate learning and development opportunities to all staff. HSC training is designed to equip employees with the skills and knowledge they need to undertake their jobs to the highest standard while developing themselves to progress in their careers. All staff are given the opportunity to discuss their work and draw up a personal development plan with their manager through the personal contribution framework system.

Nurse with Patient

There is a comprehensive range of high quality, personal and professional learning and development opportunities, available to all staff which empower individuals, teams and the organisation to deliver safe, effective, compassionate, patient centred care through a learning culture.

HSC Learning and Development Strategies will adopt a structured and robust approach to learning and development planning and opportunities for all staff, with consistent commitment to developing and supporting staff at all levels and grades throughout the organisations. It will establish a shared culture and vision of learning and development, which will be achieved, in partnership, through equitable, innovative and flexible learning and development opportunities. This will help to ensure that staff feel valued, and will therefore contribute to sustained staff motivation and engagement, developing a more confident and capable workforce.

Each Trust therefore will have a learning and development strategy responsible for:

  • Statutory & Mandatory Training
  • Coaching and mentoring initiatives
  • Leadership and management strategies
  • Support employee engagement
  • Embedding the Trust values within teams to support a value based culture
  • Accredited learning centres for ILM, ProQual, City & Guilds
  • Team effectiveness
  • Quality and service improvement initiatives
  • Staff development reviews
  • Best practice
  • e-learning