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Information Technology

Doctor looking at a computer screen

ICT Jobs in HSC range from day-to-day maintenance to the design and implementation of major systems. The ICT community in HSCNI is a dynamic one constantly looking for innovative ways of exploiting new and existing technologies to improve the delivery of regional healthcare services across Northern Ireland.

Information technology plays a central role in the safe and effective delivery of health and social care in Northern Ireland. Technology is transforming the landscape of health care through the increasing use of:

  • Electronic health and care records in, and shared by, Hospitals and GP Practices and Community services
  • Tele health in homes and residential care and other patient technology
  • Decision support and Computerised physician/provider order entry (CPOE)
  • Patient Administration Systems and other technology to manage patient flow
  • Point of care testing and results
  • Data integration & interfaces and making best use of ‘Big Data’
  • Real-time access to large volume financial and other resources required to deliver health and social care


Infrastructure is the base of all systems and applications in HSCNI. This team manage large scale and complex data centres and their components including server platforms, storage and networking services. They also ensure the availability, resilience and security of the data centres.


Our Applications teams develop, maintain and support line of business (LOB) systems for HSCNI. Many of these systems are critical to frontline health services such as Emergency Medicine, Maternity and Medical Laboratories. A wide range of development and database technologies are used.